Registration Expired (Or Restricted Access)

We’re sorry,  but it appears that you have restricted access to the page you’re trying to reach. This can be due to a number of reasons, but is typically because a given account has expired. 

If you are a previously-enrolled Certified Dermatology Tech® whose 2-year certification is about to expire (or already has), you can learn more about the recertification process on the following page:

If you believe you’ve already registered for recertification but still experiencing problems, there are unique circumstances which may be preventing you from doing so. Please refer to this video to be sure the details described do not pertain to you:

Office managers who would like to purchase an additional year of “Access Only” for their staff can click below to take advantage of our discounted renewal offer of $199/year (normally $249/year). 


Finally, if you are an individual who was unable to finish the course modules and testing before account expiration, we do offer the option of purchasing a “4-Month Extension” to allow you additional time to complete the course. Please note that an extension may be purchased only by those whose registration has expired within the past 90 days.  


If you feel that you’ve reached this page in error, please contact us and we will verify your enrollment date and/or answer any questions you may have regarding renewal. Thank you.

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