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Thank you for purchasing ACDT recertification. Please note that even though you may already have a prior account with us, you must separately register for recertification by using the link below (and to do so you will need your correct login credentials). So please consider saving the URL above before navigating away from this page!

One of the more common support requests we receive is from those who purchase recertification but then experience some difficulty during the registration process (e.g., they don’t remember their original login credentials, entered the wrong password by accident, etc.). Then after failing to register, they can’t remember how to find the registration link. So please (at least temporarily) save the above URL!

Once properly registered for recertification, you will be redirected to an instructions page providing you with complete details of how you are to proceed. Included within these instructions will be the recertification test links.

First, if you’re logged in already, please log out, but save this page’s URL before doing so. Some experience problems registering if they’re already logged in when trying to register. You may register for ACDT recertification by clicking the following link:


A few things to keep in mind when registering:

  • You may register for recertification using your prior username/password, or you may create a new account should you wish to change your username or associated email address.
  • Please do not register for recertification until you are within 8 weeks of your current certificate expiring. You will also need to enter your current certificate number when registering, so please have it available when you’re ready to enroll.
  • You must fill in all required (red) fields on the registration page and agree to the “Terms of Use”. If you do not, the registration will not be processed.

Please contact us should you have any other questions or experience difficulty during the registration process.

Association of Certified Dermatology Techs

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