Recertification Course Redirect

If you are enrolled in the recertification course but can’t find the recertification ‘home page’ then please read here:

As instructed on the recertification instructions page which you see after registering, you are asked to ‘bookmark’ that page. The term ‘bookmark’ simply means to ‘save’ the URL (which is the address typed within the box at the top of the web browser.

Because we have thousands of users, we must assign access permission settings to each page. For example, those taking recertification are restricted from accessing the original course tests. So if/when someone tries to access a restricted page, the ‘Registration Expired (Or Restricted Access)’ page is seen:


As seen on the the ‘Registration Expired (Or Restricted Access)’ page, in bold print, we provide the link back to the recertification ‘home page.’ Unfortunately we’re still being contacted by users who don’t realize that the blue ‘here’ within that notice is a link.
So to be clear, if you somehow hit the the ‘Expired/Restricted Access’ page, and you’re enrolled in recertification and are trying to get back to the main instructions page, simply click the blue ‘here’:

But again, we ask that you just ‘bookmark’ or ‘save’ the URL to the recertification testing links page. Doing so will always provide you with the simplest method of returning there:

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