Final Instructions

This is very important! Please carefully select your answer only after you’ve watched the above “Final Instructions” video.

As described in the video, you have the option to choose between a “Certificate of Completion” or the Certified Dermatology Tech credential. Please know that most employers want their staff to receive the Certified Dermatology Tech credential.

Generally speaking, only non-clinical staff (front desk, billing, etc.) will request a “Certificate of Completion.” Those who work clinically (direct patient care) should typically request the Certified Dermatology Tech credential.

For those who need the Certified Dermatology Tech credential but haven’t yet earned the required 6 months/1000 hours of “hands-on” experience, we do offer a Provisional Credential option.

Skills Check-List & Verification of Experience

Based on the preceding information, which of the following options are you seeking?

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