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How do I purchase the certification course for my staff?

The purchase process is very straightforward and is summarized here.

Do medical assistants need to be previously certified or have other school-based training in order to enroll?

No.  One of the reasons this course was created is to provide an opportunity for certification to those who have primarily received their training “on-the-job”.  

Is your course approved by CMS to fulfill the “credentialed” medical assistant requirement?

The credential we provide fulfills the requirements set forth by CMS.  It’s worth noting that CMS does not specify or approve specific credentialing organizations. Please refer to our Credentialed Medical Assistant page here for further clarification. Our organization was started in 2012 for the purpose of providing education to medical assistants working in clinical dermatology. The fact that our course provides a much needed “credential” as required by CMS for Meaningful Use is simply an added benefit.

Does the cost of the course include certification? Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs. The price of the certification course includes online access to all of the video modules, tests, and the certification itself. For offices purchasing 5 or more enrollments, this means that each staff member can take the course and receive certification for only $99/each.

What if I (or my staff) don’t pass one of the module post-tests? Can they be retaken?

Our testing system will allow those enrolled up to two attempts to pass each post-test. If you’re unable to pass within two attempts, a hold will be placed on your account, though we are able to override this hold after manual review. You will find, however, that the tests are very straightforward and are based on information clearly presented within the videos.

How long will it take to complete everything and receive certification?

If those enrolled are dedicated and focus on completing the course, it can actually be finished in a matter of days.  The total “run time” for the course module videos is 16 hours. The post-tests following each module are relatively short and take anywhere from just a few seconds to perhaps several minutes each to complete.

Therefore, between watching the videos and taking the post-tests, most users can expect to spend about 20 hours completing the course. Whether those 20 hours transpire over several days or several months is entirely up to the focus and ability of the individual enrolled. 

Once all videos have been watched, all post-tests passed, and the “skills sheet” has been submitted to us, certifications are processed within days and an electronic copy is emailed to the participant (as well as purchasing physician or office manager, if applicable).

Our clinic’s EMR requires us to provide a credential number and date of certification for each medical assistant entering CPOE. Do those earning certification receive these?

Yes. Click here to see an example of the certificate that is received. Everyone earning the Certified Dermatology Tech® credential will have a unique certification ID# as well as a date of certification. 

How long does the certification last?

The certification (and the right to use the Certified Dermatology Tech® credential) is valid for 4 years.  Thereafter, those wishing to maintain the credential will need to be recertified as described here.

Can newly-hired staff who can’t yet fulfill the “6 months or 1000 hours of experience” requirement still earn a credential to satisfy the CPOE order-entry rule?

Yes. We do offer the option to provide a provisional credential to those who have completed the course but haven’t yet fulfilled the work-experience requirement. Learn more about this option here.

Does your course have CAAHEP or other health education accreditation?

It’s important that those interested understand that we’re not that  kind of course. We are essentially a 16-hour online continuing education course which provides dermatology medical assistants the opportunity to earn certification. This certification results from participants successfully completing our course combined with supervising physician attestation of participant’s experience through completion of the “skills sheet”.  The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) and other such entities accredit traditional, hands-on training programs.  Our course is delivered entirely online and is instead accredited for continuing education credits as described here.

The company which produces our EMR is telling us that our medical assistants must be credentialed using the course that they sell. Is that true?

No. There is no single organization or credential that your medical assistants must have in order to be in compliance with the Meaningful Use!  The rules regarding which types of credentials qualify are described here. While there are a number of organizations whose credential will fulfill the CMS requirement, we are the only one whose course focuses specifically on dermatology.

Does this program replace traditional training such as MA, RN, etc.?

Our Certified Dermatology Tech® course is a great addition to (but not replacement of) traditional training programs and/or structured, on-the-job training. We focus exclusively on providing dermatology office staff with the knowledge needed to have a better understanding of topics relevant to the practice of dermatology.

As such, it would be a great asset to those who have already had formal medical training (e.g., MA, RN, CNA, etc.), and even more so to those who have only received informal “on-the-job” training.

In addition to “back office” staff, practice managers have also been enrolling their billing and “front office” staff so that they too may gain a better understanding of the clinical side of our specialty.

How do I register?

Individuals who purchase the program themselves are immediately redirected to a registration page after purchase. For those who are enrolled through their workplace, the staff registration instructions are e-mailed to the dermatologist or office manager within hours of completing the purchase.

Once again, if your office has purchased registration for you and you’re unsure how to proceed, please ask your supervising dermatologist or office manager for the instructions which we’ve provided to them.

I’m having difficulty viewing your videos. Why is that?

First, with the exception of the preview videos, you must be registered and logged on in order to watch the program modules. If you’d like to evaluate more than just the preview modules, please contact us and we’ll be happy to send you a trial username and password.

Otherwise, please see our System Requirements.

Can RNs and LPNs use the CEU provided through this course?

We can’t answer that. Whether or not medical assistant CEU can be used for maintenance of licensure for RNs and LPNs is up to the agency regulating the licensure of a given RN or LPN. Generally speaking, nursing organizations require CEU to be provided by nursing-specific educational agencies.

Do I receive a book or CD in the mail after I register?

No. Being web-based in nature, our course is delivered entirely online. Even the downloadable course syllabus is essentially comprised of slide images from the module videos themselves.

Can I share my account with others in the office?

We respectfully ask that each “certification program” participant access our course modules using his/her own account username and password.

The exception, of course, is for “Access Only” accounts, in which all staff members within the enrolled office will in fact share the same username and password.

What are the requirements to view the programs?

Please click here to see our System Requirements.

I’m through watching the modules and taking the tests. What do I do next?

All of the steps necessary to receive certification or a “certificate of completion” are outlined in the “ACDT Certification Testing” instructional video found on the top of the Certification Tests Menu page. It’s the one that says “Click Here To Watch Before You Start Testing!” next to it.

Who created the program?

Our online modules are authored by Timothy August, MPAS, PA-C with dermatologist Russell Metz, MD serving as senior editor. Together they have over 30 years of combined clinical dermatology experience. Additionally, we have established an editorial board to further ensure the accuracy and quality of our content. Please click here to learn more.

What is your refund policy?

Our goal is to provide you with the dermatology-specific knowledge that you need to enhance your career and provide better patient care. We have no desire to provide you with education (or certification) that you don’t find beneficial. If within 30 days of enrolling you feel that our program is not right for you, just contact us at [email protected] and we will gladly refund your money.

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