Dermatology Associates of Concord

Number of Available Registration Slots: 3

Staff members enrolling within this account may use the following registration link:

Should you need to purchase additional enrollments at the discounted price of $99/each, please use the link below:

Additional ACDT Course Registrations (@ $99/each)

Within minutes of your purchase, our credit card processor will email us a copy of the transaction. We will then reset the number of available registrations for your office’s account.

Current Number of Available RECERT Registration Slots: 0

Staff members enrolling within this recertification account may use the following registration link:

Below is the link to your google doc to follow employee progress. As a reminder, please send an email letting us know as you register new individuals. We must go in manually and update it.

Click Here for Google Doc

Additional Helpful Links
Download “Skills Sheets”
Provisional Credentialing for New Employees
ACDT Purchase/Course Steps PDF Summary
Recertification Information
Discounted Recertification Purchase Link

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