Employment Screening – University Dermatology Center

Screening test for prospective front desk employees.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please explain, in your own words, the meaning of the following terms:

    • Insurance copay
    • Co-insurance
    • Deductible
  • Tell us what you know about the following types of insurance plans. Although their literal definition is helpful (what the initials stand for), we’re more interested in understanding what you know about their general benefits and requirements, as they relate to patients scheduling (and paying for) their medical appointments:

    • PPO
    • EPO
    • POS
    • HMO

    For example, an HMO plan will typically only cover visits with specialists who are “in-network.” So if we as a practice aren’t a participating provider for that HMO, it’s likely that the visit will not be covered (something which patients would of course want to know when scheduling).

  • Are you familiar with Tricare, Medicare and Medicaid? Similar to the prior question about HMOs, PPOs, etc., please explain their general benefits and requirements.

    For example...

    • Which types of patients are typically covered by each?
    • Are referrals usually required?
    • What (if any) copay is typically required for visits?
  • Our clinic providers include not only physicians, but also “midlevel” practitioners such as Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.

    A mother calls in to schedule an appointment to have her daughter’s eczema evaluated, but there are no physician appointments available during her preferred time frame. However, there are appointments available with the Physician Assistant.

    How would you present this option (to schedule with the PA rather than the physician) to the patient’s mother on the telephone?
  • Please “right-click” the following link and open the web page in a new tab/separate browser window:

    On that page, you will find a typing speed test which will determine the number of words you can type per minute. Feel free to take a practice test or two - but please don't spend more than 5 minutes on this task.

    Once you feel comfortable with how it works, please take the 1-minute typing test. After you've completed the test, you'll see a "Results" window which includes the following:

    • Words Per Minute
    • Accuracy
    • Correct Words
    • Wrong Words

    In the box below, please provide your results:

  • Please “right-click” the following link and open the sample referral in a new tab (separate browser window):

    Assuming that we accept her insurance, please review the referral and describe the steps you would take in order to schedule this patient.

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