COVID “Delayed Payment” Option

It’s a little bit ironic isn’t it? Due to COVID-19, most clinics have been forced to temporarily close their doors. So now that clinical staff have more time than ever to focus on completing the ACDT course, clinics themselves are facing a cash flow problem unlike any other.

So please, just know…

At this time, getting your staff working on our course is as simple as asking us. Seriously. We have 16 hours of dermatology-specific video lessons, and with quizzes, it averages about 20-21 hours to complete. Let’s try to make the best of this difficult situation by helping them make the most of this downtime.

Just email us at [email protected] and let us know how many staff members you need to register. We’ll then forward you a link and your staff members can enroll right away and start working on the course lessons at no cost.

For those choosing this option, no payment is needed until the staff member is ready to have their final account review and certification processed. And if they decide to complete all lessons (the time-consuming part) but then hold off until 2-3 months from now for final processing? That’s fine. There will be no payment at all until that time.


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