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About ACDT

The Association of Certified Dermatology Techs (ACDT) was established in 2012 to provide education and certification to those working in the supportive roles of clinical dermatology.

In the past, the role of "dermatology nurse" was traditionally filled by Registered Nurses (RNs). In recent decades, a transition has taken place in which this clinical support is much more likely to be provided by individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds - ranging from formally trained MAs to CNAs, as well as others without any prior formal medical education, whose training has taken place entirely on-the-job.

As a dermatologist or office manager, you understand that there is a direct correlation between the proficiency of your staff and the efficiency of your daily workflow.  You also know just how difficult it can be to find nurses and medical assistants who possess the unique educational skill set needed to excel in our specialty.

Benefits of our program include…

  • Fulfills "Credentialed Medical Assistant" requirements of some third-party payers and quality payment programs.
  • Increased efficiency. Even newly-hired staff can learn how to assist with complicated tasks such as iPledge registration.
  • Providing training to newly-hired staff at less cost and in less time. Our program provides 16 hours of review spanning more than 35 different dermatology-specific topics. You simply will not find a more affordable training solution anywhere. 
  • Increased safety for your patients through a properly-educated staff. As an example, click here to watch our “Antibiotics” module in which we review proper antibiotic use and potential side effects. Patient safety is emphasized throughout the program.
  • Trusted ContentDermatology practices across the country have chosen us as their resource for staff training!
  • Ensuring accountability through testing. Employers enrolling their staff will have full access to staff member test results.
  • No risk.  We’re so confident in the quality of our program that we offer an unconditional 30-day money back guarantee.

The majority of our customers are dermatology practices purchasing multiple staff enrollments. Alternatively, you may click here to purchase a single enrollment.

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